Ted's Adventure

I've been meaning to blog about this for a few months now and just never seem to get around to it, so I figure today is the day! This past summer, right around Finley's birthday, something unthinkable happened. Our beloved garden gnome Ted went missing. We noticed a few days after Finley's birthday party that he was no longer in his shady spot under the bush in our garden and we immediately put together an extensive search party consisting of myself, Bean and Finley to scour the yard. But alas, Ted was nowhere to be found. My heart suddenly leaped with hope that perhaps, somehow, someway, all of my dreams had come true, and someone had kidnapped Ted to take him on a magical adventure. Fingers and toes were crossed! Two weeks went by with no word from Ted or his possible kidnappers. I had a few suspects in mind (my Mom is the WORST liar in the entire world. She gets all awkward and overly excited, it's super cute), but no one was fessing up. Until that fateful day a small package arrived on our doorstep containing a disc with Ted's photo on the cover. Mike and I ran to the computer, popped it in and saw what we could only hope for....Ted's adventure!!

This seriously made my whole summer. It turns out my sister and brother-in-law were Ted's kidnappers and they took him on a trip to Wildwood, NJ for a weekend of fun. Apparently they had a blast doing this, and it was SO much fun for us too! Here are the photos from Ted's wild adventure!

Happy Thursday! :)

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