Poconos Engagement Photographer | T.J. & Wendy

I woke up bright and early, so excited to meet up with T.J. and Wendy to shoot their engagement session in the Poconos. I had a bit of a drive to meet up with them at their wedding venue, The Forest Lake Club, where we were shooting their engagement session, but it was the most beautiful, peaceful drive ever. With a 2 1/2 year old and a hyperactive dog as my sidekicks everyday, I don't get much in the way in peaceful moments so I was soaking it up! When I got there I met up with a member of the club (I think his name was Roy? Ugh, it's killing me I can't remember! He was the best!) who graciously invited me inside for some coffee and a little tour (including a slideshow!) of the building. There were all these super old pictures from the club in the past, and it was so awesome to see all the history! After that I met up with T.J. and Wendy and we took off on a hike around the property where they showed me all the special places for their wedding day, the lake (where they led me to believe they MIGHT just get in a boat on their wedding day for photos! Hooray!!) and the very special spot where they got engaged, Wendy's favorite place. :) It was such an amazing morning and I had the BEST time with these two. They are so down to earth and just so perfect together, and they didn't even make me feel bad for having a messy car. Ha! I am SO incredibly excited to photograph their wedding this June!! Here are just a few of my favorites from their fun-filled engagement session!


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