San Diego Engagement Photographer | Alissa & Roman


I recently took a trip out to San Diego with my sister to visit our brother, Dan (who we call Doodle as much as possible just to embarrass him because that's what good sisters do!). While I was out there I got to hang out with my VERY good friends Alissa and Roman who are getting married in Italy this June (I can't wait!!). We decided to shoot an engagement session of the two of them in Sunset Cliffs while we were out there and had the most GORGEOUS weather for it! Little did we know that the session would end in a small catastrophe and a trip to the ER...dun dun dun....

To get down to the beach at Sunset Cliffs, you have to sort of repel down this rope which isn't long enough, so at some point you have to vertically rock climb down. Suffice it to say, this isn't your average Jersey Shore beach. We made it down to the beach unscathed, however on our way back out we spied a set of stairs further down the beach that would be a MUCH easier way back up the cliffs. However, to get to these stairs you have to cross over these large boulders where the tide was coming in (much more quickly than we realized!). A family of surfers had crossed right before us but with it looking so treacherous they thankfully stayed back to help us across. I decided to go first (THANKFULLY handing my camera gear off to my brother) and when I got about halfway across the tide suddenly surged in with a huge wave and I got smacked up against the cliff wall. The dad of the surfer group grabbed me and pushed me up on a small shelf of rock and yelled at me to find something to hang on to as more waves crashed over us growing larger and larger. The ocean is SO powerful. I realized then that my right arm couldn't move as the surfer dad continued to pull me through the water, over the boulders as more and more waves pummeled into us. If it weren't for the surfer dad helping me across the boulders and his son pulling me up out of the water, which was over my head by the time I got across, I definitely would have drowned! As it was I couldn't swim and I was choking on the water, I would have gone right under without this man saving my life. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me! The rest of our group decided to go back up by way of the rope and luckily made it out OK!

After I made it out and up the steps, I realized that I had dislocated my right shoulder. The pain wasn't that bad at first, but by the time we got to the ER it was pretty brutal and I went into shock from the whole ordeal. A bunch of xrays, some morphine and a fabulous team of residents who did a fantastic job popping my shoulder back in later, and I was released! Hooray! The one thing that just stuck in my mind though as we were driving away from the cliffs to the ER was how beautiful the light was at that moment and how I could NOT BELIEVE I was missing shooting in it!! ARGH! Haha! :) But here are a few that we did get of the fabulous Alissa and Roman!! LOVE these two!!


And here is a picture of me in the ER, post morphine but pre-popped back in shoulder (I'm totally holding it up with the other arm). :)