Alissa & Roman on film

A little over a week ago when I was in Italy, I shot two engagement sessions and decided to mix it up a little bit and shoot a few frames on film. I love film. On top of it just having this beautiful quality that I have yet to find with digital, it's just so exciting to have to wait for it to be developed and see what comes back! I'm working on shooting more and more with film lately. I've decided that I'm going to start shooting our personal family photos almost exclusively with film. I'm also hoping to start incorporating it more into my regular work and if you would like me to shoot a role or two during our session, just let me know! Here are the images I shot of Alissa and Roman on film in Siena, Italy during our super rainy engagement session (I had full on 80's hair at the end of this session, it was pretty amazing, and by amazing I mean poodle-y). I primarily shot this session in digital, but pulled out my film camera and grabbed these. I love how imperfectly perfect they are. I'll be sharing the full session with the images from my digital camera soon, but just wanted to share these in the meantime!