Valley Forge Family Film Photographer | The "N" Family

This is my very first session 100% on film. Yay! It didn't help my nerves that it was seriously a million degrees out this day, but these guys were amazing and braved the heat for a fun evening together in Valley Forge Park! I adore these kids who were all SO well behaved and sweet - word on the street was they were each promised their very own animal cracker box for the ride home for good behavior and I think they definitely deserved it! I have loved my journey into shooting film so far and hope to shoot more and more going forward. I feel like I learn something new every time I shoot and it's just so exciting! But what I love most of all is how it forces me to slow down. I can't just shoot like a mad woman anymore and it's a good thing. Plus I just really like the natural look of it. Here are a few of my favorites! These were all shot on Fugi 400H 35mm film. valleyforgefamilyphotographer_07valleyforgefamilyphotographer_06valleyforgefamilyphotographer_05valleyforgefamilyphotographer_02valleyforgefamilyphotographer_12valleyforgefamilyphotographer_04valleyforgefamilyphotographer_10valleyforgefamilyphotographer_09valleyforgefamilyphotographer_03valleyforgefamilyphotographer_14valleyforgefamilyphotographer_08valleyforgefamilyphotographer_13valleyforgefamilyphotographer_01valleyforgefamilyphotographer_11