Lansdale Maternity Photographer | Jane

One of my favorite parts of this past wedding season was when I told Jane I was pregnant and she insisted on carrying my heavy bags for me, only to find out the next week that she too was expecting and was actually a week and a half further along than me! Lol! It's been so fun to have someone to commiserate with about all the crazy pregnancy symptoms, and I fully intend to force our sons to be BFFs. Last week Jane and I met up for lunch which morphed into a mini junk food tour of Lansdale (we started with ice cream at Freddy Hill Farm and ended up going to McDonald's when I decided a lunch of ice cream for Finley probably wasn't the best - so why not healthy it up with some McDonalds?? Haha!) Anyway, afterwards we headed to Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve and I shot a few photos of Jane looking all beautiful with her cutie little baby bump. Here are my favs!