Happy birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday and I'm super sick. Boo! And my birthday present from Finley was a 4:30am wake-up this morning. But, the good news is that she is now napping (who knew that the trick to get her to nap was waking up at the crack of dawn?) so I was able to quickly put together this blog post! YAY! We took a walk this past weekend around Burnside Plantation and it was so nice to get some fresh air. The highlights of our walk were saying hi to a horse and Fin complaining every time I took her photo. The phrase "But I don't wanna!" was very popular. ;)

I have been trying to think of a cute little contest idea all weekend in celebration of my birthday today, but being sick has just zapped all my brain power! I plan to have one up on my facebook page by tonight, so keep your eyes peeled for the details and what could be in it for you! Oh and if you have any contest ideas, something you'd like to see or think would be fun to win, please send me an email!!! My brain cells will love you forever!

Now I am off to go drink some tea and try not to break a rib with my coughing. Wish me luck! And enjoy these cutie photos of my little Fin from yesterday. The quickest photo session of all time. :)