Little Miss Fearless

I've always loved being outdoors ever since I was little and would spend an entire day in a tree sharpening sticks to defend my family from evil doers and pretending I was the queen of the wind. Or exploring the creek behind our house and coming home covered in mud. Or just laying out in the backyard at night and watching the lightening bug show in the open field. That love for being in nature has definitely stayed with me. I'm my happiest when I'm in nature, especially when I'm by water. I feel content and excited at the same time. I can always tell when I need to spend some time outdoors because I start to get down and stressed and anxious. One of my favorite places to go is my parent's beach house on LBI, especially this time of year when the summer crowds are gone and it's so peaceful. I recently met up with one of my favorite families to photograph on LBI and was in awe at what a beautiful evening we were gifted with. And little Miss Alyssa who has just grown up in front of my camera reminded me so much of myself at that age. She was fearless. Just running straight into the waves, bouncing around the beach and soaking up every inch of our night on the beach. LOVE her. Here are just a few of my favorites from our evening. LBIfamilyphotographer_17LBIfamilyphotographer_15LBIfamilyphotographer_18LBIfamilyphotographer_13LBIfamilyphotographer_21LBIfamilyphotographer_10LBIfamilyphotographer_09LBIfamilyphotographer_07LBIfamilyphotographer_03LBIfamilyphotographer_11LBIfamilyphotographer_01LBIfamilyphotographer_14LBIfamilyphotographer_16LBIfamilyphotographer_08LBIfamilyphotographer_20LBIfamilyphotographer_04LBIfamilyphotographer_05LBIfamilyphotographer_02LBIfamilyphotographer_06LBIfamilyphotographer_19