New Hampshire Weekend

Halloween weekend we drove up to New Hampshire to visit friends of ours, Amanda and Andrew, and had the BEST time we've had in a long time. I purposely just brought my Mamiya 645 and challenged myself to capture the weekend just with that camera. Well, that was a huge challenge! Especially considering I have to manually focus it and was wearing a 5 month old wiggly baby in an Ergobaby for a lot of the time. I got a couple fun shots though and had a fun time with it! :) We packed a lot in our short stay (as you can tell by the exhausted looking Fin at the end of this post) and one of my favorite things we did was check out some super old graveyards in a search for the grave of Ichabod Crane. It was a perfectly spooky Halloween weekend activity. :) Here are a few of the shots from our weekend! NewHampshireTrip_03F000068450007F000068440011NewHampshireTrip_05FNewHampshire_01F000068450011NewHampshireTrip_01NewHampshireTrip_02NewHampshiretrip_06FNewHampshire_04F000068450009