A cosy morning indoors

I've been wanting to do this type of shoot for a while and it finally came to fruition a couple of weeks ago. My idea was to take intimate, natural photos of a mom in her space. Shoot some very relaxed portraits, and then halfway through add in the kiddos for some cosy snuggles and giggles. I know for myself getting any sort of quiet "just me" time pretty much never happens, and while I love the chaos, every once in a while I daydream about having just a couple minutes to myself. So I wanted to create that in this session, give mom a few moments just to herself where she has nothing else to do but just be and feel beautiful without it being too put on. I knew the perfect person to ask to help make it happen would be Katie. Not only is she the just the prettiest ever, but I was excited to add in little Flo because she gives me such a run for my money with photos and I like it. :) We shot this entirely on film and I really like the results. It made me realize that I would LOVE to do more of this type of session so if you are even thinking about it and want to chat, send me an email: lauri@laleephotography.com. KT&Flo_06KT&Flo_05KT&Flo_08KT&Flo_04KT&Flo_07KT&Flo_09KT&Flo_12KT&Flo_13KT&Flo_10KT&Flo_11KT&Flo_01KT&Flo_03KT&Flo_14KT&Flo_02