A morning with El and her Mama at home

amblerfamilyphotographer_06amblerfamilyphotographer_10amblerfamilyphotographer_05amblerfamilyphotographer_04amblerfamilyphotographer_03amblerfamilyphotographer_09amblerfamilyphotographer_14amblerfamilyphotographer_08amblerfamilyphotographer_07amblerfamilyphotographer_13amblerfamilyphotographer_02amblerfamilyphotographer_11amblerfamilyphotographer_01amblerfamilyphotographer_07amblerfamilyphotographer_16amblerfamilyphotographer_12This little one holds a special place in my heart. She is full of energy and spunk and just really really really wants me to play ponies with her, which I'm very happy to oblige b/c ponies are what's up. El is a cross between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie for sure. I feel personally like my favorite is Apple Jack but I'm probably most like Pinkie Pie. Aaaand I need to start watching adult tv programs.

I loved spending the morning with these two shooting this session entirely on film. It made my heart happy. :)