January & February - Personal

I'm really excited to share my first installment of personal photos of 2016 here on the blog. These are all shot on either 35mm or medium format film and are some of my favorites of our family from the past two months! They're not all perfect but they're real and that's what I love about them.

To give a brief rundown of what the past two months have held for Team Tripaldi: We got a TON of snow, the kids played with kitchen utensils and their shadows, Ollie became obsessed with basketball, Fin fit in a bin, Ollie ate fruit and dog food, we dined at our favorite diner after church, Fin hung out in a collapsed box, Mike taught a canvas painting workshop at the Y for kids that Finley attended (and Oliver tried to interrupt), grocery shopping with Ollie was bananas, Oliver got into everything when Fin was at school, Finley and Mike went to the "Me and My Guy" Valentine dance at Finley's school, Friday night shenanigans, Finley and I attended a play and a fair, Ollie and Fin played in the kitchen, I didn't do the dishes, the laundry basket was the best toy ever, Oliver was scarred for life at the hair dressers, the kids read while I had a headache, there was more playing in the kitchen, Fin's table manners left much to be desired, Ollie walked around with his hiney sticking out, and we had fun at the playground! Enjoy!