Odin & Family in Blue Bell

Odin has an awesome birth story, and for those of us who are friends with Michele and Gary on facebook, we got to experience the whole thing online. The day of his unexpected arrival Michele and Gary had a webcam running in their family room. All of a sudden you can hear Michele shout from the bathroom when little Odin decided that RIGHT NOW would be when he would be making his debut. Gary went running up the steps and within a couple minute you can hear Odin cry for the first time! But the absolute BEST part was watching the reactions of his big sisters, Levy and Lina, when they realized what was happening. Levy started to get scared and Lina just hugged her and comforted her on the couch telling her that the baby came and it was OK and they just sat there together hugging and crying. I'll admit that I cried when I watched it, it was the sweetest thing ever. Oh, but I can't forget the funniest part! At one point Gary shouted down to Lina to quickly bring them a towel and she ran up with a single paper towel. LOL! Ahhh, my heart. So funny!!

I met up with this sweet crew on one of these strangely warm winter days we've been having lately in Blue Bell for their session. Little Odin, oh my goodness. Such a little handsome!! And his two older sister absolutely ADORE him. It's so amazing to get to photograph a family who you've been photographing from the beginning. I shot Michele and Gary's wedding years ago, and now to get the opportunity to document them as a family of five is just the absolute best. Made only that much sweeter by the Girl Scout cookies they gave me for my drive home. :) Thanks guys!!