3D Dance Friends - Northampton, PA

Finley takes dance class with a bunch of her girlfriends who she also goes to school with at 3D Dance Studio in Northampton, PA, so I thought it would be really cute to do a "dance friends" photo shoot at the park near our house in their recital costumes! I wanted it to be much less posed than regular studio dance pictures and just about friendship and fun! These girls are all SO incredibly sweet and I feel so lucky that Finley has made such amazing friends. She was so shy going into kindergarten last year I remember praying over and over for her to just make ONE nice little friend who she connected with. Well God certainly answered my prayers and she has made so many sweet friends and has come out of her shell SO much, we couldn't be more grateful!

PS. Aren't these costumes adorable? I think it's my favorite costume she has had yet! The tutu even comes off and they put on little shorts for the tap costume - SO CUTE!