Windy afternoon


I photographed this beautiful Mom and her two adorable kiddos on probably the windiest day of the year. I shot the session entirely on film and little Madeline and Vinny were amazing. I have this very specific memory of driving home from this shoot and feeling really good. Not worrying about a thing and just feeling happy in my bones. Do you ever have those moments? I remember once when I was about 8 years old I was in the car with my parents and I told them I was having a moment like that where everything was just really good and I didn't have any worries and just felt happy through my whole body. I remember my dad telling me to always hold on to those moments because they don't happen very often and when they do you should always try to remember them. So looking at these pictures helps me to hold on to that feeling and I like that. It makes me happy. :)

A morning with El and her Mama at home

amblerfamilyphotographer_06amblerfamilyphotographer_10amblerfamilyphotographer_05amblerfamilyphotographer_04amblerfamilyphotographer_03amblerfamilyphotographer_09amblerfamilyphotographer_14amblerfamilyphotographer_08amblerfamilyphotographer_07amblerfamilyphotographer_13amblerfamilyphotographer_02amblerfamilyphotographer_11amblerfamilyphotographer_01amblerfamilyphotographer_07amblerfamilyphotographer_16amblerfamilyphotographer_12This little one holds a special place in my heart. She is full of energy and spunk and just really really really wants me to play ponies with her, which I'm very happy to oblige b/c ponies are what's up. El is a cross between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie for sure. I feel personally like my favorite is Apple Jack but I'm probably most like Pinkie Pie. Aaaand I need to start watching adult tv programs.

I loved spending the morning with these two shooting this session entirely on film. It made my heart happy. :)

My Stinker Monker

Finblog_01 This kid. That's right, she's a kid. She's not a baby or a toddler anymore. She's a 4 (almost 5) year old kid. I don't know how that happened. Sometimes I get sad that she's not my little baby anymore. That I don't get to rock her to sleep every night or that I can't keep her with me forever, safe and sound. But my mom says that I have to look forward to how exciting all the new things that she gets to experience now are going to be. I'm trying but I have to tell you that when I found out Kindergarten next year is full day and she has to ride a bus, I had a little meltdown. A crying to my mom and sister on the phone about how I'm not ready meltdown. I apparently like to make everything about me. :) But man, that was crazy fast! Would I be terrible if I decide to drive her to school anyway? I guess I just want to shield her for as long as possible from pretty much everything, in this case, bullies on the bus (which may not exist btw but I've decided totally do). We'll see.

Someone recently told me that if you look too far ahead you will always think you're not ready for the next stage in your child's life. But if you take it one day at a time, when that day comes you will realize you are completely ready. So I guess I'll just do that. Because like it or not, she's growing up and I'm just going to have to get a grip (do people say "get a grip" anymore? Love that saying). And whether I've had much to do with it or not, I think she's turning out to be a pretty cool kid who I love like crazy.

A cosy morning indoors

I've been wanting to do this type of shoot for a while and it finally came to fruition a couple of weeks ago. My idea was to take intimate, natural photos of a mom in her space. Shoot some very relaxed portraits, and then halfway through add in the kiddos for some cosy snuggles and giggles. I know for myself getting any sort of quiet "just me" time pretty much never happens, and while I love the chaos, every once in a while I daydream about having just a couple minutes to myself. So I wanted to create that in this session, give mom a few moments just to herself where she has nothing else to do but just be and feel beautiful without it being too put on. I knew the perfect person to ask to help make it happen would be Katie. Not only is she the just the prettiest ever, but I was excited to add in little Flo because she gives me such a run for my money with photos and I like it. :) We shot this entirely on film and I really like the results. It made me realize that I would LOVE to do more of this type of session so if you are even thinking about it and want to chat, send me an email: KT&Flo_06KT&Flo_05KT&Flo_08KT&Flo_04KT&Flo_07KT&Flo_09KT&Flo_12KT&Flo_13KT&Flo_10KT&Flo_11KT&Flo_01KT&Flo_03KT&Flo_14KT&Flo_02

Kitchen drumming & mini sessions

If you've been following my instagram feed or FB page recently you may have noticed I've been a little obsessed with shooting film. I love it so much. Each roll I shoot I learn something new and it's just SO exciting! I have a lot to share that I've been shooting lately but I'm leaving for New Orleans tomorrow (Woo hoo!) and am in full on crazy cleaning/packing/list making mode so a full post will have to wait until I get back. I did want to share a couple photos of Baby O doing some kitchen drumming I shot on film in the meantime though. Love this little guy!! OllieDrumming

I also want to announce that I'm offering Mommy & Me In-Home Mini Sessions for a limited time! Check out the info below and contact me before the end of February to book a session!