Brand New :)

I got to photograph this sweet little nugget come into the world a couple of months ago and it was amazing, beautiful, incredible...there really are no words that do it justice. I get teary eyed just thinking about the moment little Julia made her debut and her parents got to hold her for the first time. I photographed her big sister Florence's birth a few years ago and was so honored to be able to do it again. Can I please photograph a birth like once a week? Actually that might be dangerous because I'll end up with baby fever and have like 10 more kids. Ha! I met up with these guys a week and a half later to do a newborn session in their home and included a few favorites from that session after the birth photos above. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :)


I mean, come on. Could Julian be any sweeter?? He was such a good baby for our session too, I adore this little guy. My husband loves when I photograph newborns because it makes me want another one and he has made it clear that he is on board for as many as possible. ;) These guys made being new parents seem like a breeze and were totally laid back and so sweet during the whole session. The whole shoot was a total dream. And any session that adds in a pup gets bonus points with me! :)

My spring and early summer are really starting to book up so if you are interested in a session, contact me soon! I'd love to photograph your family! :)

Little Sweeties

These guys are simply the sweetest family ever. You never know what you're going to get with older siblings when photographing a newborn, but Joey was a little darling for the entire session. She showed me her baby doll and had me help her give her doll a bath and I loved spending my morning with her and the rest of her family. It is part of what I love so much about in-home sessions. Kids are relaxed so parents are relaxed and we can take our time, take breaks and I feel like I really get a glimpse into the family I am photographing. It's just the best! It also doesn't hurt when I get to photograph the most adorable kiddos like these two! Love them!!