Jane & Nathan

I shot this super mini session of Jane and baby Nathan a couple of weeks ago. I had two rolls of film and just wanted to capture some images of this little cutie with his mommy. Nathan really wanted to incorporate his new favorite toy, the clear plastic straw, so we allowed it. Forget toys with flashing lights and buttons, straws are what's all the rage these days with 1 year olds! Straws and balls. It's all you need. And maybe a spoon. Lamp cords too, but I don't recommend them because, you know, danger.

Jenna & Joey

Little Joey and I got to know to know each other a bit before we started this session by having a little dance party to the Paul Simon station on Pandora. My kind of kid! ;) A fun fact about Paul Simon that you may have already known but I definitely didn't - he was married to Princess Leia....er, I mean, Carrie Fisher in the early 80's. Who knew, right? Not me!

I shot this session on film and had such a great time with these two ladies!! Little Joey is completely adorable. I can't wait for our next session together in the late fall! :)


I messaged my cousin Ashley asking if I could take some photos of little Miss El on my new medium format camera. Leave it to Ash to get Eliana styled by Hatch, a fabulous children's boutique in Ambler, for the shoot. She looked SO adorable! Much more stylish than me any day. ;) Eliana was soooooo good for our session! I was a little nervous with having to manually focus on an active 3 year old, but she was such a perfect little love bug. Here are just a few favs! Ellie_02Ellie_01Ellie_03Ellie_06Ellie_07Ellie_05Ellie_04Ellie_09Ellie_08