3D Dance Friends - Northampton, PA

Finley takes dance class with a bunch of her girlfriends who she also goes to school with at 3D Dance Studio in Northampton, PA, so I thought it would be really cute to do a "dance friends" photo shoot at the park near our house in their recital costumes! I wanted it to be much less posed than regular studio dance pictures and just about friendship and fun! These girls are all SO incredibly sweet and I feel so lucky that Finley has made such amazing friends. She was so shy going into kindergarten last year I remember praying over and over for her to just make ONE nice little friend who she connected with. Well God certainly answered my prayers and she has made so many sweet friends and has come out of her shell SO much, we couldn't be more grateful!

PS. Aren't these costumes adorable? I think it's my favorite costume she has had yet! The tutu even comes off and they put on little shorts for the tap costume - SO CUTE!

Reese Family - Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

The promise of ice cream at the end is always a good happiness motivator during shoots and one I wholeheartedly endorse. :) And it's especially fun when I get to tag along for the ice cream part! This was my second shoot with this sweet family and little Joey just melts my heart every time with her big smile! She is just the cutest ever!! Little Nick was a biiiit unsure of me, but we tricked him into smiling a few times against his better judgement. ;) I love photographing families year and year and watching them grow. It's the best ever and makes me so happy. I'm hoping next year little Nick will like me much better. I tend to be pretty popular with the 2 and over crowd. ;)

This weekend we are putting the finishing touches on a little project we've been working on that I'm SO excited to share. I'm thinking of doing maybe a live facebook reveal once it's all ready. What does everyone think about that? I'm a little scared of being on camera live but what the heck, all the cool kids are doing it. If I can get one of my kids to cooperate for it, I think I'll try it. So stay tuned for details on the reveal! :) And happy happy Friday everyone!!

A morning downtown - Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

I loved photographing this sweet family this past fall. We spent the morning together walking around downtown and then ended up taking some photos at home when their little lady got a bit sleepy. Isn't her purple checked romper SO cute?? I love shooting sessions where we do part of the session at home and the other outside somewhere. We can really get lots of variety and it keeps the kids interested and excited about doing lots of different things during the shoot. I feel like you really get a lifestyle family session vibe that way too. I can't wait for all this snow to melt so I can start shooting some spring time lifestyle sessions!!

Odin & Family in Blue Bell

Odin has an awesome birth story, and for those of us who are friends with Michele and Gary on facebook, we got to experience the whole thing online. The day of his unexpected arrival Michele and Gary had a webcam running in their family room. All of a sudden you can hear Michele shout from the bathroom when little Odin decided that RIGHT NOW would be when he would be making his debut. Gary went running up the steps and within a couple minute you can hear Odin cry for the first time! But the absolute BEST part was watching the reactions of his big sisters, Levy and Lina, when they realized what was happening. Levy started to get scared and Lina just hugged her and comforted her on the couch telling her that the baby came and it was OK and they just sat there together hugging and crying. I'll admit that I cried when I watched it, it was the sweetest thing ever. Oh, but I can't forget the funniest part! At one point Gary shouted down to Lina to quickly bring them a towel and she ran up with a single paper towel. LOL! Ahhh, my heart. So funny!!

I met up with this sweet crew on one of these strangely warm winter days we've been having lately in Blue Bell for their session. Little Odin, oh my goodness. Such a little handsome!! And his two older sister absolutely ADORE him. It's so amazing to get to photograph a family who you've been photographing from the beginning. I shot Michele and Gary's wedding years ago, and now to get the opportunity to document them as a family of five is just the absolute best. Made only that much sweeter by the Girl Scout cookies they gave me for my drive home. :) Thanks guys!!


Sunshine & Snow

I loved capturing this beautiful mama and her littles together on this beautiful winter afternoon in Bethlehem. I photographed these guys a little over a year and a half ago and to see how much they've grown in such a short period of time is so crazy! I'm always asking my own kids to please stop growing up, especially when I see older photos of them, and I always feel the same way photographing families year after year. No more growing up kids, OK?! But in all seriousness, this is what I love about taking photographs for people. Freezing the memories of this little afternoon together in time, and imagining them looking back at these little faces years from now. It's the best.